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The Uber Files: How Uber tried to blame Indian authorities after an Uber driver raped a passenger in Delhi

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They have taken their game a notch higher by adding boats, helicopters as well as some other Vehicles to their List. They have a motorcycle pickup service , a delivery service, and an ice-cream truck delivery service too. But, these options are available in selected geographical locations but it has led them to add new streams of revenue to its business model. After expanding its footprint to three wheelers and bikes, the company has offered options for faster and cheaper mobility to riders.

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A resume loses its shine.

Posted: Mon, 08 May 2023 07:02:05 GMT [source]

While some employees might like it, this type of culture is not sustainable, especially with women working in the office. Another LA woman was reportedly kidnaped by an Uber driver last month. The man took her almost 20 miles out of the way, ignoring her questions and directions and drove her into a dark empty parking lot in the middle of the night.

Extrajudicial Killings – A violation of rule of law

The company has generally moved away from its original service towards one where licensed drivers use vehicles with specific permits to hail passengers , and introduced a food delivery wing, Uber Eats. It has also taken a calmer and more polite approach to expansion —- moving slower, breaking less stuff. Embracing the chaos also allegedly included endangering the company’s drivers.

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Ontario resident revels in being part of coronation history.

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In February 2020, Uber regained the allow to check self-driving automobiles on public roads of California with backup drivers. The company goes to resume testing in San Francisco, the place its primary workplace is based. This allows them to deny workers minimal wages, well being advantages, and sick leave. The most important of the issues dealing with the chief govt could well be a shifting gig-worker panorama. Regulators are making it tougher for corporations similar to Uber and Lyft to classify workers as unbiased contractors, which raises a question concerning the basis of their business fashions.

The woman used Uber’s smartphone app to e-hail a black car from outside a bar on U Street in December, which is when the alleged incident occurred. Uber, whose shares have gyrated wildly since its 2019 IPO, has hived off money-losing businesses to achieve its goal of being consistently profitable. In May, it delivered a positive outlook for earnings, signaling the company plans to capitalize on robust ride demand without compromising profits by focusing on product changes, rather than incentives, to address a driver shortage.

ED names AAP MP Raghav Chadha in chargesheet for Delhi liquor policy case

Also, if a driver chooses the online payment option, they will be paid daily from Monday to Thursday, and their profits will be credited to their account on Monday from Friday to Sunday. Uber connects passengers who are looking for cabs to cab drivers. While Uber does not have its own cars, Uber drivers use their own cars to provide cab services and pay a percentage of every fare received as commission to Uber.

Today, Uber is operating in 72 countries and more than 10,500 cities. Its services include ride-hailing, food delivery , package delivery, couriers, freight transportation, electric bicycle and motorized scooter rental via a partnership with Lime, and ferry transport in partnership with local operators. Besides incidents of sexual assault and murder during Uber rides have also been posing a problem for the company from time to time. In its first safety report published by Uber in 2019, it came to light that in 2018, 3,045 sexual assaults, 9 murders, and 58 deaths in car crashes happened during Uber rides in the USA itself.


After everyone has gotten their fill, women are the last to eat. Women believe that because males are the breadwinners of the home, they receive a higher part of the food consumed by household members. The situation has improved over time, but there is still more work to be done in terms of attaining equity in intra-household food availability.

Who is Uber Founder?

And if the company is to be believed, it’s only getting started. I actually have tried many driving strategies however nothing really improves the scenario. I am on the app 12 hours a day never lower than 6 days per week and most weeks 7 days. WeWork itself has always maintained that it has extra in frequent with its fellow decacorns than different real property companies.

Oscar Salazar, the founding CTO of Uber is the one who created the initial prototypes for Uber’s customer app, driver app, and dispatch engine. 2.PRICE SURGE TECHNOLOGY-The price for the ride varies keeping certain parameters such as demand increase, number of drivers available, number of requests made, etc. Company Profile is an initiative by StartupTalky to publish verified information on different startups and organizations. However, in the absence of policies by state governments, no standard surge pricing formula is used by Uber. Its first Indian arm was incorporated as Cupolone Capital Advisors Private Limited in Mumbai in January 2011, which was renamed as Xchange Leasing India Private Limited in November 2015. On January 25, 2012, Meinstein Edumart Private Limited was incorporated in Delhi; it was renamed as Resourcexpert India Private Limited on December 27, 2013, then as Uber India Technology Private Limited on March 4, 2015.

Ironically for a company that actually prides itself on providing a safe transport alternative to women, there have been a host of complaints about it being anti-women. India and Japan are the sole major remaining Asian markets for Uber, which has scaled back sharply since the tumultuous days of former chief Travis Kalanick. The San Franciso-based company started services in India in 2013 and now offers ride-hailing in almost 100 cities across the country, its website showed. In Delhi, Uber driver Shiv Kumar Yadav raped his 27 year old woman passenger.

However, this was mentioned as possible only in case the drivers meet a particular trip acceptance threshold. This feature started in May 2022 and was live in more than 20 cities in India. They’ve also contributed to delivering something revolutionary to society. Uber was originally known as UberCab, for making people grasp that it was a taxi service. The business’s creator has just finished drawing a large, crimson, and thick letter “U” in Adobe-photoshop.

Its mission is to create sustainable mobility ecosystems that leave no person behind. Uber believes that inclusive transportation software can help agencies deliver more value. In June 2019, Uber acquired Mighty AI, in its effort to develop self-driving cars. In December 2016, Uber acquired AI startup Geometric Intelligence to do research and improvise its AI technology.

Alexander founded around 20 settlements in his honour during his conquests, the majority of which were east of the Tigris River. The first and largest was Alexandria, Egypt, which would go on to become a major Mediterranean city. The sites of the cities reflected both commerce routes and defence positions. The towns must have been unfriendly at initially, serving only as defensive garrisons. Many Greeks who had settled in these places attempted to return to Greece after Alexander’s death. Many of these communities, however, were still thriving a century or so after Alexander’s death, with ornate public buildings and large populations that included both Greek and native peoples.

Uber Mumbai office, which was shut down in July 2020, was one of the Uber offices that were shut down. However, the company announced work from home for the employees till December 2020. On Feb 2, 2021, Uber and Drizly announced that Uber is acquiring Drizly for approximately $1.1 Billion in stock and cash. Drizly works with thousands of local merchants to provide consumers with an incredible selection of liquor with competitive, transparent pricing. This platform will further be integrated with Uber eats while also maintaining a separate Drizly app.

The hacker had made himself known to Uber employees by posting a message on the company’s internal communication system Slack. Uber said that all of our services including Uber, Uber Eats, Uber Freight and the Uber Driver app are operational. The teenage hacker listed confidential company information and posted a hashtag saying that Uber “underpays its drivers” on internal communication platform Slack. Uber considered this and adjusted the way a driver is compensated. The ride-hailing app will now display the form of payment to drivers, indicating whether the fare will be paid in cash or whether the consumer has chosen to pay with a card or another online payment option.

He said the campaign served in re-shaping Uber’s business – a major makeover since its inception in 2009. On the need for the experiment, Khosrowshahi linked it with the company’s struggle after the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns when it faced a scarcity of drivers. They weren’t his top priority till then because drivers were always in abundant supply. The labour shortage caused by the pandemic prompted the company to introspect its business model and “re-examine” past assumptions, Khosrowshahi said to the WSJ. However, Uber is still investigating how an 18-year-old was able to gain access to its systems. That has been the story of Uber in India – give and take, one step forward two steps back.

  • Before this, WeWork’s providers have been restricted to the areas that it occupied.
  • However, Uber made history with the biggest first-day dollar loss in U.S. history.
  • While the Aurat March has focused on organising individuals from marginalised groups such as low socioeconomic groups and religious minorities, it has only been held in a few cities.
  • Throughout the years Uber has faced numerous challenges, the most recent among Uber’s challenges is witnessed in the Indian market, which the American ride-hailing giant is planning to dominate in the coming years.
  • The ride-hailing app will now display the form of payment to drivers, indicating whether the fare will be paid in cash or whether the consumer has chosen to pay with a card or another online payment option.
  • Messages in the Uber files show that Kalanick considered that Uber drivers going to a taxi drivers’ protest in France was “worth it” as “violence guarantee success”.

A study paper titled “Mapping Chinese Footprints and Influence Operations in India” was published online by the New Delhi-based think tank Law and Society Alliance. Following the publication of the research, several China-related professionals participated in an online discussion. According to the corporation, the feature is already available in 20 cities and will be expanded in the following days. Uber’s executives know their business model might not be sustainable, and even less so if they are forced to classify workers as employees and pay for related rights and benefits. Uber has had a controversial history since its founding in 2009, from violent conflicts among drivers to a secret software allegedly used to evade law enforcement. Now, a leak of over 124,000 documents dubbed the Uber files shows the extent to which the firm under co-founder and former CEO Travis Kalanick capitalised on that chaos to expand across 40 countries.

This further implies that the person who is resisting arrests in the latter case can be shot dead by the officials. This distinction between the two is not substantial or concrete enough, that solicits the killing of the person arrested. In addition, even if the distinction somehow passes the black-white check, the fundamental purpose of CrPC, which guarantees free and fair trial to the accused and upholds the history of uber justice, gets defeated. Since March 2019, the Indian paediatrician and clinical scientist has served as the World Health Organization’s chief scientist. The AIIMS New Delhi alumna is known for her internationally recognised research on HIV and tuberculosis, as well as her work as a member of the Global Health Summit’s high scientific panel.

Uber, that most ethical of ride-hailing companies, is in hot water once again. This time it isn’t for slashing drivers’ pay so low they can barely survive or having an institutionalised culture of sexism — I’m sure its PR department only wishes it could throw out the canned lines it has prepared for such situations. Anyway, while everyone’s rooting for the success of Namma Yatri, just know that history hasn’t been too kind to union-owned taxi apps.

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