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We have pulled back only slightly on planned construction starts for 2023. We do anticipate that well-conceived projects we got in the current environment will come online in supply-constrained markets, most notably for industrial. For the same reason, we are focused on carefully building our land position so that we can benefit from a first-mover advantage coming out of the downturn, a position that has historically provided significant rewards. Additionally, our Telford UK development business is tracking in line with our expectations, and we continue to expect improvement from 2022 results. Overall, REI results met our expectations, and we continue to expect full year results to meet our original guidance.

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And that again, that’s all without meaningful capital allocation. So yes, that will be a headwind in terms of the amount of space that we might manage for individual corporates. But other work we would do for them will offset that.

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We would expect those businesses to grow and provide incremental opportunity to us in the long run. What we might do beyond that is a long run circumstance that we’re not really prepared to talk about at this point, but we do have positive exposure in both those areas. Industrial’s been white hot over the last couple of years, and it’s just not going to stay that hot indefinitely. And so we are seeing a little bit of downward pressure on industrial leasing. But we think over the longer term, industrial leasing will be very, very strong. And the dynamics driving logistics space around the world will remain in place.


Within https://1investing.in/ Management, profit was roughly flat versus prior year, excluding the mark-to-market impact on our co-investment portfolio, which was a significant positive in the prior year. For context, co-investment gains made up less than 1% of this business line’s operating profit in the trailing 12 months. AUM declined modestly from the fourth quarter as net capital inflows and foreign currency effects offset most of the loss of market value. Within property sales, all major reasons saw revenue decline with Asia-Pacific performing the best, down 30%, and the Americas falling more than 40%.

But it’s not going to be an overwhelming circumstance the way certain headlines would suggest it might be. B and C buildings are going to be challenged, and there is less capital available for them. But I think there’s an overreaction to that circumstance. Well, trophy buildings both in the current environment and in the long term are going to do quite well in our view. Because with all that’s going on, on the return to the office circumstance, companies are looking for great environments for their employees. We’re doing it for our own headquarters in our own offices around the U.S. and around the world.

Looking at the office market, we estimate it will take this asset class twice as long to recover the lost value as it did in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. This reflects the formidable challenges facing office assets, driven by both the slow progress employees return to office and the shedding of jobs in tech and other sectors. Ultimately, we believe that office portfolios will shrink meaningfully from where they were prior to the pandemic, making offices a smaller but still very large commercial real estate asset class. However, there is more uncertainty in this outlook than there was when we first presented it in late February. We continue to expect core EPS to exceed the prior peak in 2024. And as a reminder, our outlook is informed by our view that there will be a moderate recession this year, followed by a rebound in economic activity in 2024 as the Fed reduces interest rates.

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Most sales activity today involves industrial and multifamily properties with office understandably drawing little capital activity. If you look at the banking system today, something like 1.5% of commercial or commercial banks asset portfolio is in office buildings. It’s not a huge threatening circumstance. Some of the problem assets will go back to the bank. Some of them will get restructured and worked out as is always the case with troubled assets. So it’s going to be hard to refinance some of those assets and some of those assets are going to become troubled and go back.


However, we are not in another financial planning process 5 simple steps financial crisis when all debt capital source is contracted simultaneously. Our expectations was led by the cyclically resilient elements of our business and our cost management efforts, which more than offset a greater-than-expected decline in property sales. The recipient is only permitted to view or receive the Index Data in the form in which it is in presented. The recipient understands, acknowledges and agrees that use of the Index Data is at its sole risk. The recipient further understands, acknowledges and agrees that the Index Data is provided to you as an investor in financial products solely pursuant to regulatory requirements and for informational purposes only.

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Our sales and leasing businesses are most impacted by the changed economic environment. And as a result, we now anticipate property sales to fall by nearly 20%, which would represent a more than 25% decline from peak 2021 levels. In total, our cyclically resilient business lines, including GWS, produced approximately $1.5 billion of segment operating profit over the past 12 months and we expect them to grow in aggregate by high single digits this year. Well, I can tell you, Patrick, it won’t be surprising to you to hear me say that we interface a lot with the private equity folks in commercial real estate who are customers of ours that might be participants in this. And the view is that this is going to be a big opportunity for them.

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But we are seeing some downward pressure on that for sure this year. And when I made my comments a minute ago about companies being increasingly interested in having us be their acquirer or us investing in them, a lot of that happens in that segment. So that’s kind of where we see the shift happening across our businesses. It’s the absolute rates, it’s the availability of credit, but it’s a third thing, and that is the uncertainty about where things are going to go. And we think later this year, all three of those things will start to move in a direction that’s helpful to our business.

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Obviously, we’ve seen over here in the states, worries around the regulatory front and maybe some single-family companies. Is there any worry that similar regulations could come down the pipe in the UK? Or is it just kind of a very different business model. And by the way, retail rental rates are growing up because there’s a big experience thing going on here across the U.S. and around the world that is causing retailers of various types, including food and beverage. But obviously, the high-end retailers doing quite well, and that’s helping our leasing business in retail.

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Our professionals will reach out to help you with your real estate requirement. Our extensive team of researchers bring together local and global intelligence to provide actionable insights and a multi-dimensional perspective that is unparalleled in the industry.

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The Index measures the performance of publicly traded real estate securities, and intends to serve as a proxy for direct real estate investment. To be included in the Index, a company must be both an equity owner and operator of commercial and/or residential real estate. I’ll review each segment now, starting with Advisory Services on Slide 6.

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We talked about that at the end of the year, which, by the way, that was only 60 days ago, roughly. And our long-term view is not altered by what we’ve seen so far this year. Of course, we’ll address that again next year when we have the benefit of the full year view. But our long-term view for the prospects of the business are good. Good morning Bob, Emma, I guess, could you just talk a little bit about the transaction business. And I’m just curious, Bob, is it — do you think the absolute rates is for being 5% plus a spread that’s putting borrowing costs in the in that’s creating it?

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Unlock the value in every dimension of your real estate with integrated, data-led services that support your overall business strategy. So the net of all those dynamics is that this is going to be a double-digit growing business. And we actually see — when we initially made that investment, we saw a secular tailwind in builder in the UK that continues to exist. And so we expect that business to continue to grow going forward.

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  • The comments Emma and I make today and our responses to questions will be shaped by that view.
  • With integrated solutions, unique insight, and unmatched experience, we deliver outcomes for retailers, restaurateurs, investors, owners, and developers.
  • Ultimately, we believe that office portfolios will shrink meaningfully from where they were prior to the pandemic, making offices a smaller but still very large commercial real estate asset class.
  • And we think when stock prices rebound, the denominator effect will go in the other direction.

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Powered by integrated management, we deliver Facilities Management solutions that connect and elevate all aspects of your operations. An end-to-end operating model unites people, assets, data, technology, budgets, contracts and our global supply chain to drive best-in-class performance and business productivity. Our solutions support distinct client requirements including multi-national enterprises, local single-market companies, on demand facility support, data centers, critical operations and more. For investors, CBRE provide capital markets , property leasing, investment management, property management, valuation and development services, among others.

Virtually, all of our clients are doing it. And these — so these great buildings are going to do well. And then maybe just one on office, particularly on potential refinancings and debt coming due. I think we’ve seen some news recently about some debt availability for maybe less than trophy class properties. And I think library office asset need might suggest at least a data point that I saw that there is debt out there. Are you seeing this particularly on the office side?

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